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Danny Stefanic

Hi Mike,

I know you asked for 60+ languages, but how about 51 with support for instant HTML5 browser based text to speech so no need to generate, upload and maintain audio files?

Please take a look at http://responsivevoice.com

I'd be interesting in hearing if this meets your needs and other Articulate Heroes who are producing content across language boundaries!

Kind regards,


Jackson Hamner

Hi Danny,

I've seen you've linked this around the site and I was wondering if you know of any tutorial to get this working in storyline. I know that it works since I've seen it used in other people's projects, but i cant seem to figure out how to get it working for my projects.

Any help is appreciated :)
Danny Stefanic

Hi Jackson,

Sure, there is a free trial which gives you a detailed step by step course (a storyline course that uses voice no less!)

Access the free trial here:


Go here if you have any support questions for our team of experts.

I look forward to seeing/hearing what you do.

Kind regards,