Multi-language course not marking complete for all languages (Storyline 360 in CSOD)

I have a rather large course that has 8 branches with each being a different language. All languages are set to converge on a final quiz which is disguised as a continue button. All users who "pass" the final "quiz" receive a results page with an exit course button on the success layer. LMS completion is contingent on this "quiz".


All languages, except for Japanese, will work as expected. Japanese language users will get to the exit course button via the success layer, and the course will exit. However, CSOD will not mark the course as completed, but it WILL mark completed for all other languages, which have the exact same "exit course" screen.


Again, this is one course, and all users end on the exact same page, with the exact same tracking method. Am I completely missing something?

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