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Kyla Robinson

I'm actually working on one now.   I am setting up an initial slide where the learner would select their language and that would guide them to the correct module scene. 

I'm just needing to figure out how to make the course report as "completed" as long as they pass one of the quizzes.  

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Ruth. That's a great conversation to have!

You can fulfill this linguistic feat of eLearning awesomeness with the help of Storyline’s layers, variables, states, and triggers! My colleague, Trina, takes a closer look at various approaches in her article: How to Create One Storyline Course with Multiple Languages.

While I'll leave recommendations for translation tools in the community's hands, here is a helpful article on how to use Storyline's translation feature!

Good luck, and please get back in touch if you have any more questions!

Katie Riggio

Hi Julie! 

Currently, you'll need to have a different module for each language when building content in Rise 360. Here are the steps:

We're also tracking requests for branching options, so I'll make sure we update you if we make changes that will help!

For now, could these related ideas and designs work for your goal?