Multi-object states - object ordering

Sep 08, 2017


I've built a progress bar to use in one of my courses using states.  Functionally, it works fine, but the appearance is breaking when the course is previewed/published.  The objects are all in the correct stacked order in SL, but get mixed up when viewing the course.

States in SL: 

Terrible published result:

Any ideas on if it's possible to fix this?

It can be viewed here:

Thanks :)


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Nicola Fern

It /is/ on a slide master, yes...

I've output it in preview mode, plus the review site and as an LMS SCORM object as HTML5/flash fallback, and have the same issue in all of them.

I can't share the full file, but I've removed the content from the attached and you can see it's still broken.  Weirdly I saved it out with all the audio and most of the graphics gone and it's still rather large!

Nicola Fern

So I tested putting it on each slide apart from the master and it works much better - the entrance animation for the green bar is appearing in front of the oval, but the rest is all in the right order.

Why does it treat it so differently? Is there any way I can fix it on the master? It would seem an ideal use of slide masters, given some of my courses have many slides - putting it on individual slides means much more work.

Crystal Horn

Hi Nicola! Thanks for sharing your file...we really dug into this one. :)

Your progress bar consisted of shapes that are animated inside of several states of an Oval on the timeline of a slide master. That was some deep design!

We put our heads together, and Alyssa modified your file to get your setup to work. Essentially, she:

  • deleted the other shapes from the Normal state of the Oval and instead placed them directly on the timeline
  • cut and paste the objects back into the custom states to get them to layer properly over the normal state

Have a look at the attached and let us know if that works for you!

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