Multi-player game

We have a client that is wanting to create a crossword puzzle to use at a sales rep training meeting. We already have one laid out but I am trying to figure out if it is possible to create it with in Storyline.  I think I have the part figured out using hotspots for the words and when one is clicked on it directions them to the question or clue associated with it.  They answer it, if it is right it inputs it into the crossword puzzel. My biggest hurdle right now is trying to make it possible as a 2 player or 2 team game.

Both players would be using the same computer at the same time, kind of like a digital game board.  My thinking had just started going down the line of having 2 buttons, one for each player, or team, and depending on which button was active that would be where the score would go.  So if it is player 1's turn, they press the player 1 button answer the question if they get it right the score goes into the player 1 variable.  Then it is player 2's turn so they press the player 2 button and the score goes to the player 2 variable.  Does that make sense? 

I am not sure how to go about it if you could.  Thoughts?

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Simon Perkins

Or you could have all the crossword "action" happen on the base layer but add a layer for P1 and another for P2, each of which has a trigger (e.g Player = 1 or Player = 2) to determine who's playing.  I've not given this any proper thought as such, but that's how I'd initially look to trial it.  At the end of the day, a "2 player game" isn't necessarily something that stretches SL because all you need do it make clever (pretty simple actually) use of variables to determine scores etc.

Simon Perkins

Here's an example of how to flick between the 2 layers by clicking a (submit) button.  I've not added any of the gameplay mechanics because unfortunately I haven't the time right now.  

You might find using states is a good way to handle how each "word" appears in the crossword.  That way the base layer will dynamically show any word reveals (via state change triggers) each time it is called upon (immediately after each player hits the submit button).

You could of course do away with the submit button and have  trigger for each letter ... a bit more work but a bit more natural for the learner.

Randy Hill

Awesome, thanks Simon.  I did not even think about putting variables on the layers.  This is a huge help.

Now here is another question, what about scoring?  Is there a way to say when player is equal to 1 then submit score to player 1 and when player is equal to 2 submit score to player 2?