Multi-question bank with pooled/locked questions repeating?

Jan 16, 2020

I'm hoping someone can push me in the correct direction. I'm working on an exam for all purposes, with ~21 question banks, most of them are randomized, a few have multi-part questions that have been locked together. Since the pool is random, if I tell it I need 3 questions from the pool and there are 7 slides, but really it's 2 sets of two and one set of three because they are locked together, how is storyline going to view the pool? My assumption has been it will view the locked questions as one question. When I preview the exam, I'm getting a question that is locked together, then another question, then the first two locked questions again. I'm assuming it's because I haven't really used this functionality before and I'm not understanding how it's viewing these items so I've unintentionally asked it to do something it's not going to do. :)  Hopefully this made some sense!

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Becky,

Happy to help! 

With locked questions, this affects how they're randomized and drawn into your course. For example, you might lock a slide to the top of your question bank, so it'll always appear first in your quiz—even if you randomize your question draw. Since each slide is treated as one question, if there are two slides locked together and only two draws in a question bank, the locked slides will count as two draws from that bank.  

In that same scenario, if the question bank was set to draw only one slide and the locked slides were chosen, then both questions would show since they are locked.

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