Multi question survey / need to add up value of responses

May 04, 2016

Here's what I want to do. I want to create a multi question 'survey' that attempts to determine characteristics of an individual based on their responses. Each question will have four responses. The individual must assign a numerical value to each option based on how well or how little it describes them (4 best describes, 1 least describes). Each of the four responses must have a unique value, so for each question, the individual can only use the number 4 once, the number 3 once, the number 2 once and the number 1 once. They will repeat this for each question (12 total).

For instance:

My favorite color is:

blue - 2

green - 4

red - 1

orange - 3

Once the individual has responded to all of the questions (12 total) I want those numerical values to be added up and the results to be displayed.

Any thoughts on how to do this as gracefully as possible? :)

Thanks in advance!


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