Multi Result Slide Course not sending Results to Learning Management System

I have a course that is using multiple results slides. The final results slide calculates the other results slides. 

When I tested the course in our learning management system, it worked correctly.

Since then, I have removed a scene from the course (which eliminated one of the results slide). 

The final Results slide is set to calculate for the remaining three results slides.

Only now, it's not sending results to the learning management system.

I can't figure out where the disconnect is. Can anyone help?

I cannot provide the file here. (1) it is too large. (2) We cannot share files online.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Christopher!

It sounds like deleting the scene from the course affected the reporting in your LMS. To confirm, you removed the scene in the Storyline 360 course, reconfigured the Results Slide that tracks the other Results Slides, and then published it for LMS. Is this all correct?

Are there any changes that need to be made in your LMS to adjust the reporting options?

I understand that you can't share files online. Our team is happy to sign an NDA for you to share your project. You can request this in a support case.