Multi scene course help

I am trying to build a 14 scene course where the learner can complete as many scenes as they have time for, close out and continue at a later date. There are quizzes after each scene. I thought I had it beat but when we tested it in our LMS here is what we found.

First I had it set up to 'track using quiz results' and when we finished the first module and closed out of the program our LMS thought the course was completed and took it off the learning plan.

I changed to 'track using number of slides' and when closed after completing module 1 it bookmarks and allows us to resume later but doesn't show completion after finishing the last module (module 2 in our test program attached). It just stays on the learning plan. do you think I could ask the program to finalize after the last module is completed?

Appreciate all help and input..


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Luke Benfield

Hi Brian,

In theory, could you try having results screens for each scene, and then one final results screen that reports all the other results screens? That option does exist in the Results Screen properties. Then in your publishing settings, you can set it so that last final results screen will report to the lms. Again, in theory that might be a solution for you. Someone else from the staff/community may have a better solution. Hope that helps.

Brian Watson

Hi Wendy, that was on purpose as I thought since I required the learner to get 100% on previous slide before moving on then I could just ask the last slide to report to the LMS. I know I am missing something for sure so please do have a look at how I set it up and hopefully you can pin point my error..

Much appreciated...Cheers

Wendy Farmer

Hey Brian

I'm not sure of your requirements.  I added another Result slide after the Module 3 result slide and checked each of the prev 3 result slides to be included. You just need to make the decision if the user has to pass each individual quiz or combined results from the three quizzes.

Hope I've understood what you're trying to do.

See updated file attached and shout out if you need more help.

Brian Watson

Hi Wendy, where we are having the issue is it won't show completion in our LMS. I deleted my results slide and tested with yours and it still won't take it off my learning plan.

This will be a 14 scene course with quizzes at the end of each scene. Our requirements are for the learner to be able to complete as many scenes and quizzes as they like, close out and continue later. They need to get 100% on each quiz before moving on and the last quiz should report to the LMS that they have completed the training.

Its not reporting to the LMS for some reason.

It has to be something simple...I am going crazy here haha..

Wendy Farmer

Hi Brian

if you are confirming that each quiz is passed at 100% before moving to the next quiz and don't require a score be sent to LMS just completion status, then on the final slide you could add a Javascript trigger to force completion.

Execute Javascript


when timeline starts on that final results slide which you could dress up however you like put an image or shape and 'thanks for taking the course blah blah'.

When publishing use the final results slide as the 'tracking slide'

Wendy Farmer

Hi Brian

see attached:

  • Your file updated. Now that I know how it should behave I have removed the 'combined' result score that I had previously added and on the success layer of the final results slide for Module 3 I have added a button 'EXIT COURSE'. This button has the Javascript trigger and the exit course trigger.
  • Link to uploaded zip package to Scormcloud so you can run through it and see the 'complete' status as per image below

Hope this helps and don't hesitate to shout out if you need more info.

Brian Watson

Hi Wendy,

I downloaded your file but the final results slide doesn't have the 'exit course' button that you mention so I couldn't see how you set up the JS.  I attached a picture. (I can't seem to just copy into this field as you did with the Scormcloud screenshot above).

My other trials always showed 'completed' in Scorncloud as well but are just not coming off the learning plan in our LMS.

Frustrating, as we haven't had this trouble before.