Multi-Triggering a checkmark without leaving the slide

Mar 04, 2014

Is anyone able to help me multi-trigger a checkmark without leaving the slide.

What I'm looking for is a way to allow the user to change their mind and check and uncheck the box multiple times without switching slides to do so. I think I've been looking at my triggers too long because I'm just missing it.

I've attached a copy of my triggers...the variable = Checkmark.

Thank you soooo much...Lisa...

P.S. I'm going to go back now and take another look for what I'm missing.

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Lisa Struebing

I would love to do that, however, I'm creating a software simulation that includes a distinct checkmark box.

To make the course realistic, I need to maintain the aesthetic of the software, so I'm trying to allow the user to click the "check box" multiple times to check and uncheck it without me having to change slides.

Lisa Struebing

I FIGURED OUT A SOLUTION! The user can now click the same check box as many times as they like and the check mark will alternate between on and off without changing slides.

I was trying to use the same hotspot to trigger multiple states when click multiple times, silly goose. 

Instead I now have this:

1. Initial state of checkmark is hidden (because of this, it's not clickable).

2. Hotspot is on timeline directly under the checkmark.

3. Click the hotspot to change the checkmark to normal (and put it on top of the hotspot so the hotspot is no longer clickable).

4. Click the checkmark to change the checkmark hidden (making it no longer clickable, so the hotspot is the new trigger).

Clever Clever software!

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