Multipath final quiz

Not sure if this can be done. I have a course with how to use 3 devices. The devices all do the same thing but how each one does it is different. Facilities could have one, two, or all three of the devices. I have the course setup where they pick the devices they have and they only see the training for those devices. When they are done, I would like them to take a final quiz. Is there a way to set up that quiz that will only have questions specific to the device(s) they were trained on?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Mike!

There are a couple of ways you could go about setting this up. First, tell me more about how you plan to award completion for this course. 

  • Do you want to give the learner a passing or failing status depending on their quiz score?

  • Do you want to simply give the learner a "Complete" status for finishing one portion of the module? 
Mike Mohr

I want to give the learner P/F based on a final quiz score. I'll try to clarify a bit more. I have 10 scenes. 4 scenes everybody has to take no mater what. Depending on what devices a location has will govern which of the 6 remaining scenes the learner will need to take. If they have one device, they take 2 scenes, 2 devices - 4 scenes..ect. In the end I would like to test them on what they learned. What I'm running into is when publishing for an LMS, there is only one results slide that can be used and there doesn't seem to be a way to vary what a results slide looks at. The other thing I was looking into is if there is a way to use quiz banks for a final quiz and use variables to determine which banks the questions would be drawn from.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike, 

If you're looking strictly for a pass/fail and the learners could go in a number of different paths throughout the course, what about setting that completion and pass rate based on visiting a singular slide? You could branch users to it based on the previous sections then went through and then use the method detailed here. 

You can fully customize what is visible to the learner on that results slide, you'll just want to keep the triggers that are automatically included as those are important to pass the results to your LMS. 

Mike Mohr

Hi Ashley, Thanks for your input. Not quite what I'm looking for though. I need to be able to use the LMS to see which questions they are getting right and wrong. Currently I'm taking the route of developing common questions that will apply to any of the three devices. My deadline sort of dictated this solution. Because we are integrating more gamification and scenario based lessons, this is something I'm going to keep exploring.