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Apr 09, 2018

I'm a contractor working for two different clients. Both clients were supposed to provide laptops with all the software I needed. This is usually the case when I take on a project. However, this time both clients have asked that I use my personal laptop - one client requests I do this for the length of the project and the other asks that I do this temporarily until they issue me a laptop.

Now I'm challenged with using my personal PC for two different projects that require the use of Storyline. One client (the one who wants me to use my laptop indefinitely) has already gotten me a license for 360. The other client should give me access soon.

My question is how do I make this work? I will have two different logins, one for each client but I want to be certain that I use the right license for the right project. In other words, I don't want to publish courses in Client A's 360 account for Client B, and vice versa. I'm worried that no matter which login I use, all my work in Storyline will technically publish under Client A's license since I downloaded and installed already through them. Any tips, suggestions, advice?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi CL,

When working in Storyline all the content will be saved locally and we'd also recommend publishing to a local destination as well. So that piece of it won't be connected to your subscription of Articulate 360.

What would be connected is if you're publishing to Review or using Team Slides. Both of those will look to the Articulate ID you're logged into the 360 Desktop tray application and/or the site with to determine where the content would be published or what slides you'd have access to. 

With that in mind, it may be worth logging in/out each time you're done working so that you can be sure you're using the right account at each point. Also, they'll need to invite you with a separate email address to their Team - as each Articulate ID can only hold one seat on a team.

Christine Hounsham

Hi Ashley, 

I have a similar 'issue'.  I have my own 360 account which is tied to my hero profile.  

My work has recently purchased a copy of 360 for me to use a work.  Aside from the issue of having to swap between accounts for Rise/Review, my main frustration is because:

- I wish to be logged into my hero profile with my private email tied to my personal account, as it has all my saved bookmarks

- but be working in work-version of 360.  If I am logged to the community I am swapped automatically to my personal Rise/Review versions. 

Is there a way to stop this happening?

Thanks Christine

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christine,

Could you look at using an Incognito/Private browsing mode for the work account in Articulate 360? The other option would be to separate browsers - for example, I do all my work stuff in Google Chrome and personal stuff in Firefox. I keep IE, Edge, and Safari as back up testing browsers. 

Kevin Reed

Hi I have a related question. I have an account through a company for one contract who paid for the Articulate license for me to do work. 

Now I'm starting another contract with another company who is paying for another Articulate license - but they can't register me because Articulate says I have the cancel my name on the first license. 

Can a person have more than one account/license? If not, why not? 

thank you


Katie Riggio

Greetings, Kevin!

Thanks for that context.

You can have two accounts as long as there are two different Articulate IDs. So, in your scenario:

  • You can have an Articulate 360 license for Company A (with the Articulate ID tied to the unique email address provided by Company A's organization).
  • And a separate Articulate 360 license for Company B (with the Articulate ID tied to the unique email address provided by Company B's organization. 

Just be sure to keep a handle on your logins to ensure you're accessing the right content! 😊

Kristinn Hjálmarsson

Hi Katie - its been really helpful to read through this thread.

I am getting access to a client account to produce material with them. When I am given access to their account, will I need a different Articulate ID to log into the clients account? Or can I log in with my existing one?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey, Kris! 

Great question - they can invite you to their team with your existing Articulate ID, as long as you don't currently have your own individual subscription or exist on another Articulate 360 team. 

It's also important to keep in mind what Rise/Review 360 content may be tied to your Articulate ID - as once you're added to their team, that team can control what happens when they remove you. You'll see a helpful prompt upon accepting the Teams invite that reminds you of this. I'd also suggest taking a look at this article, "How Freelancers work with Articulate 360" for some best practices and other things to consider.

Best of luck with the new gig!