Multiple Answer Quiz

Hi there, 

I was just wondering if it is possible to have specific feedback for each incorrect option rather than just a generic wrong feedback. 

For example: 

What colour is an apple

Blue - No an apple is Red think about it

Red - Correct an apple can be red

Pink - No Flamingos are pink

Yellow - No, I don't think they would taste very nice. 

Any help would be great, 



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David Anderson


Hi Jack - Yes it's totally possible using Storyline's built in quizzes. In your feedback option, just change By Answer to By Choice:

I'm attaching the sample file:

//NOTE: I misread your original question. The info below is for multiple questions on one slide. Good info, but unnecessary for your needs

Here's one way you could go about adding multiple quiz questions on one slide.

And here's a solution Mike put together that shows one way to display multiple quiz scores on one slide