Multiple Assessment Issue

A branching module in SL and I'm having an issue with multiple (3) assessments that will not register.  I have all three checked in the reporting and tracking options. When setting up the courses separately all three work, however, now as I have imported the assessments into the main document, they will not register, only the most recent assessment will register...any known issues or resolutions to help.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Cali.

Thank you for reaching out!

The article below will give you more information about tracking multiple completion criteria (such as various quizzes):

If a learner completes multiple criteria, do they all get sent to the LMS/LRS?

No. Only one option gets sent to the LMS/LRS, even if a learner completes multiple criteria. The first tracking option that the learner completes is the one that gets sent to the LMS/LRS.

If you need all three quizzes to be reported, my suggestion is to create a final Results slide that combines the results of all quizzes. You can choose to report that final one to the LMS.

I hope this helps!