Multiple audio files in 1 slide

Hi there,

I have recorded slide audio directly into a slide but due to the length of the text, I have recorded 3 different sound bits (i.e. audio 1, audio 2, audio 3). They all line up to make a cohesive slide audio. 

I have 1 button on the slide for which I have created triggers to pause or stop the audio so that the button layer's audio doesn't overlap with the base slide audio.

However, when I click on the base layer button, the audio 2 file will stop as the layer audio starts, but then audio 1 and audio 3 end up playing once their time occurs on the base layer, even though I have created triggers for them... it's as if because the trigger worked on audio 2, it then forgets to also work on audio 1 and audio 3 ?! 

any way around this? I cannot re-record... 


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Veronik!

I'm happy to help! Thank you for sharing a screenshot of the timeline. We'll need to see the triggers you've created so far to determine what the solution is. Is it possible for you to upload the file to us? Here's a secure upload link.  We'll delete the project after we are done troubleshooting.