Multiple audio files on the same navigation page

Sep 22, 2014

Hi there,

I'm stuck!

I have a navigation/landing page set up with four graphical buttons that allow the learner to navigate go to four separate sub-pages.

When the user starts the course from the navigation page I'd like 'audio file 1' to play. They then press button 1 to go to sub-page 1 - but when they return to the navigation page I'd like 'audio file 2' to play without 'audio file 1' starting up again. They then click button 2 to go to sub-page two, and when they return to the navigation page then  'audio file 3' begins to play and so on and so on...

Does anybody know how I can achieve this? I'm really struggling!



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Michael Hinze

It may not be exactly what you want, but have a look at the attached quick example. The four menu buttons are enabled in sequence and a variable 'pagecounter' is used to determine which sound file to play. Hopefully, that gives you some ideas. And as always with Storyline, there are other possible options to achieve the same result.

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