Multiple Audio on One Slide

Jun 11, 2014

I thought I had discovered a great thing about Storyline and audio is that you can put multiple audio files on one slide.  Seemed like a great thing.  However, we have discovered a weird glitch that if someone pauses and then restarts the slide once a subsequent audio file starts, there is odd overlapping of the two tracks. 

So - we are going through and attemping to merge the audio tracks into one.  I was hoping to copy and paste from one Sound item to the other, but that doesn't seem to work.  You can import the audio file again, but there have been tiimes we have made edits in the Storyline Sound file itself, so this begins to get confusing.

Has anyone else run into the issues of the overlapping sound issue and found a way around it other than importing the subsequent Sound files onto the first one? 

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Harshad Joglekar

Hi Brent/Ashley, did you find a solution  on this issue? I am facing the exact same issue. My audio files are placed on the timeline to play one after the other (without any triggers). When I pause the screen and click Replay, all the audio files play  together.  I have other similar topics on the community, but couldn't find a solution. Thanks. 

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