Multiple Buttons with Custom States

I'm working on creating a storyline presentation that will allow the user to click a button and an "X" shows over the top of the button to indicate that the number has been chosen.  I used this last year and it worked great (slide 1.5), but when I tried to update it with the color scheme for this year and cleaned up the buttons a little it stopped working.  It won't let me preview that slide (1.4), but I can preview all other slides.  I also tried publishing an HTML file to see if that worked, but it's the same result.

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Jackson Hamner

Hi Bailey,

I downloaded your file to test it out, and I was able to preview slide 1.5 and it seemed to work like you said. Then I moved onto slide 1.4 and, while it took a long time for the preview to load the slide, it eventually did load and it seemed to also work as described for me.

Which part of slide 1.4 isn't working for you, and what version of storyline are you running?