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Alyssa Gomez

I see, thanks for confirming that! 

You can use the translation feature to generate caption text in different languages. However, you can only use one set of captions per video/audio file. You may be able to use separate layers or slide branching to include all translated versions in one Storyline file. 

Hopefully other folks who have used this kind of set-up can share their experience with you here!

Christian Inglingstad


Actually I imported captions to a movie-file.

The case was to make a training with the possibility of adding multiple languages to the movies via SRT-files.

Solution: use layers and different flags to represent the languages. Each flag leads to a new movie/layer with its own text.

Christian Inglingstad

Få Outlook for Android

Jurgen Lepla

The need to have an audio file or video file per included caption file is a big hurdle for me. I you want 3 different languages for a given video, the video has to be included three times into the project, which leads to an enormous increase in project size. 

However, I did discover 1 possibility to limit the project size somewhat, and that is to use the video in the main layer, and then adding an mp3 per language layer. Then you can add the captions to the smaller audio mp3 in stead of the large video mp4.

Translation-wise, there are no user friendly ways to include multiple languages to a single project. (and I have tried them all)

I would like a possibility to run a caption file in a layer, linked to the main layer video, without needing a specific audio or video file. OR. A possibility to select a specific caption file from within a slide, to play along the main video. 


Katie Riggio

Welcome, Jurgen!

Thanks for adding your voice, and for sharing your strategy on restricting the file size with us! I'm certain folks who stumble upon this discussion will find it very helpful.

In the meantime, I've shared your insights regarding translation with our product team in the form of a feature request–the confirmation email should reach you shortly!

We're always looking at new features as well as updating existing ones, so your input is vital in that process! Feel free to share any other thoughts you may have here or through our Feature Request form! 🌟

Darren McNeill

I want to add my surprise at this as it is possible to add more than one caption file in rise as we use this for different subtitles. We require that all users have English and their country language as caption options, and am now surprised that I cannot do this in Storyline but can do it in Rise. Storyline supports SRT files but Rise does not, so shouldn't there be consistency in file support?


Becca Levan

Hello Darren!

I appreciate you reaching out! While we don't currently have plans to implement this in Storyline 360 yet, we keep track of everyone's vote, and I've added your voice to the report to add closed captioning in multiple languages.

This discussion is linked to that report, so you'll get notified of any new news we have to share!