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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew and welcome to Heroes! 

Just to confirm, are you using a multiple response question, as that would allow you to choose more than one correct answer? If so, the question will only be counted as correct if they select all the correct answers, otherwise the user will receive the "try again" message (if you have more than one attempt enabled) or they'll receive the incorrect feedback. 

You could set up a trigger that would show the "not enough" layer based on how many buttons the user clicks. For example, you can look at this sample file. 

Andrew Kavanagh

Thanks Ashley,

Yes, it's a multiple response question. It works perfectly but it seems strange that if there are three correct answers the user can enter more or less than this. It's important that there's no confusion as my users will only have one attempt.

I'll have a look at the story file you've attached and see how I get on...