Multiple Choice - Adding Bullets.

May 18, 2015

How come when you create a quiz slide (multiple choice), that when you go and add the bullets, for A, B, C and D; that it inserts A's for all 4 selections? Is this just me, or is there a reason why there are additional steps, choosing each choice separately and clicking "Start at.." "B", then "C", then "D"?

Anyone..? ;)

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Brett Gibson

In slide view. If I decided to add letters as choices.. A, B, C and D. How come when I add bullets, and choose the ABC option, that it gives each answer the letter A, unless I go through 3 more steps of making each answer start with the next letter in the bullet formatting.

For example: Ill choose ABC bullets, and all of them will be A. Then I only choose the second answer, and have it start at B, then choose the third answer and have it start at C, and finally choose the 4th answer and have it start at D... so that it would show:

A. First Answer
B. Second Answer
C. Third Answer
D. Fourth Answer

If I select them all, and choose ABC bullets, it shows like such:

A. First Answer
A. Second Answer
A. Third Answer
A. Fourth Answer

It just stinks when you have 80 slides of multiple choice questions where the client wants to see A, B, C and D on each slide.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Brett

I just created a multiple response question and in Form View I added the A, B, C, D.  Then I came into the Slide view and clicked the Add a choice button and it allowed me to enter E.  Then I selected all the options and add bullet points from the ribbon it gives me all A's down the inside.

If you want the A, B, C I would be adding it to the beginning of the choice when you create the options and turn off 'shuffle answers'.

Sandi  Kruise

I have been creating a basic website? LMS which has questions with 1 of 4 answers will be correct and the other three will be incorrect.  A question may add usually a form added as a form, which is one I need to use for articulate or the one I have been using for 20 years or so. 

So to sum this up, right now, Students will be given a book, video, or other media and they choose the answer they feel is correct.  We may have to put some constraints on them compared to the requirements for the state or federal rules.  This will take a long time just to get the basic model up and running then add in all of the wonderful Articulate feartures.

The questions are virtually all multiple choice (A). and they will start with:

1. A

1. B

1. C

1. D

Questions must be changed around with in each multi pt question.  We know this is exrewmwly easy, but we need to use these for tons of quizzes/questions which must be conformed due to the sites.

All exams must must be graded, all certificates must be issued etc.  There is alot of work, but this should make it easier to give the kids a place to work and I can sit back and earn the mioney to oay for it.  

Thanks soooo much for helping out!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandi, 

I don't know much about JoomlaLMS, so perhaps the community can help on that! Otherwise, you could look at designing and formatting the layout of quizzes in Storyline or Quizmaker. What tool do you currently have access to for designing your courses? If you're not sure, perhaps sharing a screenshot here would help us point you in the right direction!

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