Multiple Choice and accessibility

Dec 22, 2020

I created a jeopardy game. The slides are composed a series of multiple choice questions. The screen reader only gets access to the first option available from the multiple choice options.

The multiple choice questions appear grouped. Is there a way to ungroup them? Under home tab the arrange function has the "group, ungroup, regrouped" are grayed out. So this is not an option.

Under the home tab, the focus order does not allow to add the remainder of the multiple choice questions. It shows one large box with all the multiple choice options.

The slide master does not have the multiple choice options grouped.

How do I separate the multiple choice options so that a screen reader can read each option?

Thank you for your help!



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Sally Wiedenbeck

How are you testing that the screen reader is only reaching the first option? Generally, you will use tab navigation to get to the multiple choice question, then the arrow keys to move between options, and enter or space to select an option (this is similar to how a screen reader user would navigate a dropdown menu).