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I've read several of the discussion on this, but still don't quite get it. :(  I have a multiple choice question/multiple answer in which 2 of the 3 responses are correct.  When working with this slide, if you check the "wrong" answer first, the "incorrect, try again" slide layer is triggered.  When you next click the first of the 2 "right" answers the check remains in the incorrect box as well, triggering the "incorrect, try again" slide layer.  Now you have 2 checks, one in the "wrong" box and one in the "right" box.  On the 3rd try, selecting the second of the 2 "right" answers, now all 3 boxes are checked and the "correct" button appears.

How do I get the checks to disappear and trigger the right response???


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Walt Hamilton

You asked, "How do I get the checks to disappear?"  In general, it seems best to leave a learner's responses, so they can get another layer of feedback- that of seeing what they chose that was wrong, and correcting it. I also note that the other question slides don't clear the wrong answers. But, if you insist on clearing the answers, there are ways, if you are willing to work that hard.

The real question is how do you get the feedback layers to work correctly. The answer is that they all have built-in superpowers, and will do it on their own. For all three question slides, you need to delete your triggers that show the Correct, Try again and Incorrect layers. Clicking Submit will handle all of that, and much better. It will also allow the built-in superpowers to keep track of the number of attempts and send the scores to the results slide, should you decide to keep track of scores. After each incorrect answer, Submit shows the Try Again layer. After the last allowable attempt, incorrect answers are followed by the Incorrect layer, and any correct attempt is followed by the Correct layer.

If you absolutely must have those layers show instantly, you can use your triggers, but you must add conditions to them. Specifically, each item clicked needs a trigger to show the corresponding layer depending  on the condition of the other items that are checked or not. It may or may not require more resources than you want to commit to the project. 

Anne Price

Thank you, Walt!

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