Multiple Choice Questions Dropping Answers

Jan 22, 2021

Has anyone else had problems with multiple choice answers disappearing once the course has been published. This is a new phenomenon which I originally thought was caused by a corrupt file, but it is now happening in several projects.  

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!


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Christian Halili

Hi, Elizabeth,

That sounds unusual. I've tried this on my end and published a quiz via Web and the answers appear just fine. That said, I've few questions about this issue:

  • Do the answers disappear during preview or both?
  • Is this happening on all quiz question slides or certain ones?
  • If you re-insert the answers into the course, do they remove themselves again?

Also, are you able to share the file/s with me so I can take a look at what's up? You can attach your .story file here. I'll be happy to take a closer look at it. 

Thank you!