multiple choice quiz answers

I have a multiple choice quiz with 3 possible answers.  One answer is correct, the other two are incorrect but when they click on the two wrong answers I want each of the wrong answers to have different comments explaining why they are wrong.  All I can manage to do is get both wrong answers to have the same comment pop up for both choices...???

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rehan arshad

Hi Kristin

I am attaching a story hope this is what you are looking for

I have opted "Pick one interaction"

If you want the user to select Pick many then you can change the interaction to "Pick many" but the logic for the working would be same.

Do let me know if it works, also if you need any further help

Harri C

Hi Kristin,

An alternative that would only require a bit of tweaking to your current set up is to change the states of the feedback boxes.

I'm assuming you're using a feedback master rather than creating your own custom layer every time.

1-open the layer that has the incorrect feedback on

2- create a custom feedback box (usually I just place items over the top of the master feedback layout rather than playing with the master itself as this adds complexity)

3- Create states for your now custom feedback to reflect the different feedback for the different options.

4- Add trigger 'change state of feedback box to X when timeline starts if checkbox X is selected.

5- ensure layer resets to initital state

Admittedly its a bit of a 'mask over the issue' solution but depending on how may time you'll need to use this it might be easier than converting to free form.

Hope this helps.