Multiple-choice quiz issue

Something is wrong when I try to make a multiple-choice quiz (I'm fairly new to Storyline 2 and am creating a practice quiz). The feedback just doesn't work right. I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure it out. Why is there both an Incorrect feedback layer and a Try Again feedback layer--it seems redundant. I've fiddled with the triggers and the layer settings but nothing works.

I'm attaching my little practice file--any help you can give me will be most appreciated.


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Dale Osborrn

Hi Wendy-

Thanks for the help. I do want multiple attempts at answering the question right. But when I test it, sometimes it says to try again and others it just says "incorrect" and moves on to the next question when I click the Continue button. I can't figure out from the triggers why this is-the Try Again layer's trigger is just to hide that layer, and it should go back to the question layer. But when it does, and I try to answer the question again, it doesn't accept my mouse click. Very frustrating.

Thanks much.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dale! Thanks for sharing a sample file. I took a peek and it seems that for a few of the questions, you have them set to unlimited attempts. This is not going to allow you to leave the slide until the correct answer is chosen. In addition, you have the Try Again Layer customized to say Incorrect - so perhaps that is causing the confusion?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Salwa,

Happy to help here! 

For the Multiple Choice question, do you by chance have the Feedback set to none? You can see if that is the case by:

  • From the Slide View, you will want to navigate to the Design ribbon.
  • From there, the Feedback Settings will be located on the left-hand side: 

If this doesn't match what you see, please let us know!