Multiple choice quiz slide answer text displayed out of place

Jun 13, 2013

I published a story online and am accessing it using an ipad. The story has 5 quiz slides at the end.  On two  of the quiz slides, both multiple choice (but not the only multiple choice of the 5), the answer options text box appears much lower on the page than it should. In one case the text of all the answer options is still visible, in the other slide the first two answer options are visible, but to see the third you must use your finger to scroll down (there is no scroll in the unpublished version).

All slides appear correctly when using a desktop. This only occurs on the ipad.

I have recreated the slides twice to try to fix the error. Once, I copied another multiple choice quiz slide from the same story and replaced the text (typed it out, not copy paste). That had the same results, so I then created brand new quiz slides, with the same results.

I tried locking the object in place, but that didn't work either.

Please let me know if you have any advice.

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