Multiple Choice Template Issue

Our team has built several exams in a Storyline 2 course. We are using the Multiple Choice and Multiple Correct templates for the questions.  In the authoring mode all of the distractors and answers line up properly, but when we publish, the correct answer appears noticeably closer to the radio button, making it pretty easy for the student to see the correct answer. I have not found any settings that would account for this. I also updated the course to SL 360, but still see the same effect.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Stephen,

I created a short sample to see if I could replicate what I thought you were explaining here, but either I cannot recreate this behavior or I have misunderstood.

My file is attached for you to take a look.

If you could just let me know if I've misunderstood and perhaps share your .story file as well that would be helpful.

Leslie McKerchie

Wow! That is strange Stephen - super easy to pass your quizzes :)

I took a look at the states and you can see the behavior there, so I'm not sure if this was customized for another situation/scenario at some point perhaps?

I selected one of the 'wrong' answers in slide view, double clicked the format painter to lock it open, and then clicked on all the 'right' answers so the formatting would match.

Your updated file is attached. Hope that helps :)