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Mar 10, 2016


I am trying to create an interaction where the "correct" layer will show once the submit button is clicked so long as multiple conditions are met. The submit button works correctly if I only have 1 condition but as soon as I add a second "and" condition the submit button no longer works. I have 10 conditions that need to be met. 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Darby -- Thanks for reaching out, and actually, it looks like Wendy was able to help someone in this post that seems to be posing a similar question: How Can I Display a Layer after Multiple Conditions Have Been Met?

Please take a look and let us know if that will work, of if you have something else in mind, please upload your file for further assistance. :)

Darby Pitchford

I am creating something customized. On the second layer "build a check" I have a submit button. Once the user clicks submit I want 1 of 2 things to happen. Either they view the "correct" layer or they see a message "sorry try again". What I tried to set up were multiple conditions (total of 10) in the trigger for the submit button. It works when I have 1 condition but it won't work if I have more than one condition.

Walt Hamilton


Using the Date as an example, this trigger doesn't change the variable Date; it just sets it to what it already is, so there is no change when you drop the shape:

If she were here and weren't out gallivanting around, and having fun (I hope), Wendy would recommend to you that you use a true/false variable to indicate whether the shape is dropped on the right spot. Set it's default value to False, then change it to True when the object is dropped on the right rectangle:

Then the condition on the submit button can read:

If DateCorrect = True and NumberCorrect = True and ...

She usually gives good advice, so I'd try that if I were you.


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