Multiple Conditions for Custom State???


I want to create a custom state where an object is BOTH disabled AND grey in colour.

I can achieve this by invoking successively two different states: one where the object is disabled and one where its colour is grey. That requires creating and setting TWO states for each object.

Is there a way of creating a state which combines DISABLED and Grey colour so as to reduce the work (and confusion) of having to assign two states to each object.

Basically the effect I want to achieve is to grey out certain objects so that they are both inactive and seen to be inactive.

Thank you for your advice.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Andrew!

You can change the disabled state to show up any way you want it to. If you go into the states for the object and edit the disabled state, you can change the color to grey, make it appear grayed out by changing the transparency, etc. of the object.

I put together a very quick example for you and attached it. 

If you're trying to do this with a specific object, and you're unable to apply color changes and effects for the state, you're welcome to share your .story file here so I can take a look and possibly make some suggestions.


Andrew Lian

Hello Christine and thanks very much for the information. That is exactly what I was trying to do, but I was trying to leave the disabled state undisturbed. Instead, I had copied the disabled state and then changed the colours.BUT... doing it this way I lost the "disabled" quality. It looks therefore like you cannot copy a pre-defined state - a pity as you might wish to have more than one version of "disabled".

Thanks again