Multiple disabled states in Storyline 3

Aug 17, 2017

Hi everyone, long time observer of the forums, rare poster. My question is this:

Does anyone know of a way to enable multiple disabled states in SL3 (that does NOT show the mouse/interaction pointer)?

For example, in SL1 and SL2 we were able to use the state stack and a quick 2-trigger state change. The states on a single button include: Normal, Hover, Visited, Correct, Incorrect, and Disabled. The triggers are setup so when the learner returns to the game board the triggers would evaluate based on the visited state and a T/F variable for the particular question. If the button is visited, check the question var and see if it's true or false. If it's true, change state to Correct, then immediately change to Disabled (which in this case is a blank state). Using the SL1/2 state stack, this would put the blank/transparent disabled state on top of the Correct state and therefore would make the Correct state a Correct/Disabled state. If the var is false, the button changes to Incorrect then immediately to Disabled, which would mean that we in effect had two (or more if required) Disabled states.

When trying this in SL3, the Disabled state is NOT blank even when everything is deleted from it, but makes the previous state almost invisible - so now instead of one button with a handful of triggers, we require three elements for every button (ie: we now need separate Incorrect and Correct elements that have disabled states. These result elements start as hidden and have identical Normal and Disabled states and are non-clickable). This method creates a lot more work and if we've got say 30 buttons on a game board, now requires 90 buttons/elements and numerous triggers to manage them.

Thanks in advance, and I'm more than happy to discuss - so please share your thoughts/ideas!

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Jay B

Hi Leslie,

Apologies for the delay responding, client work and a new 'issue' came up. Needless to say, I've set up a single demonstration button in a new SL2  file *(which also works in SL3) and there seems to be a 'new' catch 22.

As mentioned above, we were previously creating the blank 'Disabled' state manually, but in recent attempts with the new file, this method wasn't working. By setting up the trigger to change to Disabled without creating the state (ie: letting SL create the state), it does in fact work (in both SL2 & SL3) so I guess my issue is solved.

The 'new catch 22' is that if you change anything in the automatically created Disabled state, the functionality breaks (making the button disappear) and you have to delete the state, and re-do the trigger that creates the state automatically.

See attached samples for how it works...

Jay B

You're not missing anything Leslie, per the end of my 2nd paragraph "I guess my issue is solved". The only difference now is that we have to let storyline make the disabled state automatically, (when we create the trigger) then not touch it. Whereas previously, we were able to setup a blank Disabled state manually... 


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