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Sep 09, 2014

Can anyone help?

I have a multiple drag and drop activity with no correct answers. So a user can drop any draggable item on any droppable area (so it snaps to the drop area). This is a priority diamond activity where a user ranks ideas...

The problem is that since I have customised the drag and drop, some of the default interactivity has been lost. My main problem is that a user can drop more than one draggable item onto the same drop spot - I only want one item allowed on any drop area at any one time. The problem is that it's not obvious to a user that the draggable items are stacking up on top of each other if they happen to drop more than one draggable item onto the same drop area. (See attached Story file.)

I know there is a setting to prevent this but it now does not work.

I can't see how to stop this happening, even with I can't seem to let the system know at any time what draggable item is or is not on any particular drop area...

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Chris and welcome to Heroes!

Unfortunately there is not a way to stop the users from double stacking on the targets unless you assign a correct drop target to the items.

You could add in your instructions that they can only place one item per target?

Or maybe someone else from the community will have some additional ideas for workarounds.

Let us know if you need anything else!

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