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Jul 22, 2014

Hello again,

I am already here looking for some help!! I am trying to make an exercise that allows the user to choose between some alternatives on a drop down menu. O.K. This seems to be simple, you may think. But I want to use it to fill blanks on a sentence, and every blank space will have different options.

eg.: Mommy, I need some _____(money/monkeys/tickets) to go to the ______(cinema/zoo/park) with my______(girlfriend/friends/puppets).

I hope someone can help me!!!!

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Kevin Dixon

You would think it should be easy. here is a post I did yesterday with a youtube video that will show you how to do it. It really is not that hard if you follow the video.

I just found this video by accident and it is just what you are looking for and I am blown away. Found out I don't know as much as I thought I did.

Sara Faro


If you have a moment free, please take a look at my other post. I am getting trouble with a drag and drop interaction.

I saw your answer at this post and I would like to know if you think it works to my issue.

Thanks in advance,

Sara Faro

Hey, Mike.

Thank you for share the .story with me, your video helped me a LOT. I am now able to make any interactive exercise with dropdown menu (well, not all them of course.. lol). But since you are offering me more help (noticing that you already did ), I want to know how you putted those little arrowheads as part of those shapes? It is impossible to do!!!

My last post asking for some help of Kevin was about a trouble I am having changing states of itens on a drag and drop freeform question.

You are so wellcome to help there too..


Many thanks,

Sara Faro

Hi Mike,

I will try to explain what I wanted to do step by step. Kevin helped me already with a very good alternative, but we are still missing something. With that said, let's get to the explaining.

First of all you need to know that the question is about biology, it is a image of a tRNA's structure and the user must have to drag all nucleotides named A, C, G or H to fill the right gap pointed by the arrowheads.

It is not a simple drag and drop question because one nucleotide (A, C, G or H) can be placed rigthly on differents targets, so I enable the drag itens and the drop targets but did not linked to a unique rigth answer.

So, I set triggers to say the program that when the user put the nucleotide on a wrong gap, the letter change its state to Drop incorrect (red), and when the user put it on a rigth gap the letter change the state to Drop correct (green).

But as I allow only one item at each drop target, when the user overplace a letter, the letter that was already on the gap return to the original start point with the state drop correct or drop incorrect and I need them to stay green or red just when they are inside a drop target. When they are on the start point, they have to be with the normal state.

Kevin helped me by matching drag itens with drop target, but keeping my triggers for change states, but when he did that, it fixed the return to start point (and inicial state), but when the user drag off an item manually from a target and release anyplace, the item return to start point with the drop incorrect state everytime.

I tryied to create another state to leave drop incorrect the same way that normal state, but when I set a trigger to change to that state when the item dropped on a wrong target, the same item return with the wrong state again.

Well, this is the best explanation I can give to you. Sorry!

I attached my .story and the one from Kevin (I hope he didn't mind! ).

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