Multiple Drop Items Accepted on a Single Drop Target


I am working on building a training module for a specific task at work (for fun.)  The image you well see is of something that can be assembled by dropping the blue rectangles on the white rectangles.  As you can see, because the blue items are identical, they must be accepted by all of the white boxes, regardless of placed order.  I first tried to do this with the generic insert>freeform> drag and drop interaction button, but that doesn't work as I need it to.  Is there a simple fix to this?  I found an article from 2014, but I'm having a hard time applying it to this 2020 version of SL3.

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Ross Mulligan

No, there is no correct order.  This is a modular cable transit system that surround exterior cables as they run to the interior of a space with rubber in a spiral pattern.  I added a link in case it's hard to visualize.  Cables come straight up from outside through this system and then into the interior of a space.

Wendy Farmer

Do you need it to be a quiz slide - sorry I assumed that from your initial post.

If you don't want it graded just deselect the 'submit' option in the slide properties and maybe add a variable that counts the drops then the Next button could appear,


you could create it not as a quiz slide with lots of triggers.

I guess it depends what your requirement is once they have assembled

Ross Mulligan

Love your ideas!  Here are my changes:

-removed submit button

-created a variable called count

-created a trigger to count (pic included, probably did something wrong here)

-changed state of next arrow to hidden when timeline starts

-changed state of next to normal when count changes (this is where I think I went wrong)

The slide really doesn't work after I tried to do my own variable and triggers, but I wasn't surprised.  I think my count trigger is right, and so is the variable, but the trigger to change the state of next when the variable count changes is probably wrong.  I expected the next arrow to appear after the first drop instead of the 8th drop, but it never appeared.  Here's a pic of the triggers.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ross

I've duplicated the slide, removed the freeform and changed some triggers...see if this will work for you. It's slide 1.2

Its a bit fluid e.g. if the user drops an object on one target then picks it up and drops it again it will add to the count but in your case where there is not a right or wrong order it shouldn't make a difference.  If you did want to limit that you could change the state of the dropped object to disable so they can't move it again but I think it's overkill.

Anyway hope this works or gives you an idea.

Ross Mulligan

That works perfectly; wow, look at all that coding on the right... I would have never figured that out.  But that's what I needed because this is an item used in the real world that can be built in any way, so we can't penalize if the learner builds it funky.  Thanks so much!  I'm going to replicate the programming on my own slide since I took the time to try and produce a replica of the Roxtec item we use in the warehouse.