Multiple Dropdown answers

Hi, all!

The attached story is a single slide with several layers.

Each layer has a dropdown with three options... only one response per layer is correct.

I'd like to have a 'success' result if the user selects ALL THREE correct,

and a 'fail' result if the user does not select all three correctly.


I was trying to use free-form question, and possibly conditions?  But, I'm stuck!  :)  Help??


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Walt Hamilton


See if this is what you want. I did this before Wendy asked, so the correct answers are the top ones on the drop down.

Pick One works really well for this.

1. Go to Form view and pick one correct item, and one incorrect.

2. Set a trigger so the incorrect one is selected when the timeline starts, otherwise, any incorrect answer will get a "You must answer" message

3. Set triggers to set the variables to true when the correct dropdown is selected.

4. Set triggers to deselect the wrong answer, and select the correct answer when Submit is clicked.


Any questions, just ask.