Multiple drops for one draggable?

Greetings -

I have an anatomy scene - (picture of a chest). I would like students to be able to click and drag a stethoscope image over three different locations on the chest. When they drag the stethoscope over location 1, sound 1 would play; drag the steth off location 1 and the sound stops (and probably snaps back to starting location so that it doesn't get lost); drag the steth over location 2 and sound 2 plays, etc. 

I cannot figure out how to do this. For drag and drop activities, it seems that I must have a one to one relationship between dragged items and dropped locations. 


Thank you!

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Belen Ferrer

Hi Amy,

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro made an awesome tutorial for making Drag and Drop interactions with multiple drop targets per dragged item. Check out this thread here for the link:

You might have to modify it a little to suit your needs.

To stop the sound playing when the sounds from playing when you drag the item OFF, you might have to add a Trigger like this:

Action: Stop media

Media: Sound 1

When: User clicks

Object: Stethoscope

--then repeat for Sound 2, Sound 3, etc.

Hope this helps!