Multiple feedback for drag and drop quiz

Hi I am hoping some can help please,

There are multiple feedbacks for drag and drop quiz,   20 questions 4 drop areas each question has different feedback for each correct and incorrect answer = 40 feedback can some give advice for setting up the feedbacks please. also I want them to get a response straight after they have drag the answer into the drop zone.

Thank you

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Dave Cox

Place each question on its own question slide. Then you can customize the feedback for each question. Select form view on the question slide, and you can see the feedback at the bottom of the question form. Or, you can also select the correct and incorrect layers on the question slide to see the feedback for the questions on the slide view. You can edit the feedback in either location.

Dave Cox

I set up a sample project for you, with triggers to do with you want. I only set up the first object, work.  But you can duplicate this to the rest of the objects.

You will want to hide the submit button, as you are not going to use this as a graded activity, even though it is a question slide.