Multiple Feedback Options by Quiz Results

Apr 02, 2015

Hi all!  I've been struggling with this issue for a few days, and after searching every possible topic for help I'm breaking down and going to the experts!

I have a quiz that has a max of two attempts.  After the first attempt, if the learner passes, they get a Success layer and all is well.  If the learner fails, they get a slide layer that instructs them to try again.  This bumps them back to the start of the module, and then they take the quiz over. 

If the learner fails the quiz for the second time, I want them to get a slide layer that tells them they failed and that they need to see the training supervisor.  I don't want them to be able to redo the quiz or go back to the beginning of the module.

When I built the results slide, I created three layers - Success (if they pass of course), Failure #1 for the first attempt, which also has the button to try again, Failure #2, if the learner doesn't pass the quiz the second time.  

I have tried various combinations of triggers to get the Failure #2 layer to appear when I fail the quiz the second time, but nothin' doin'.....I've tried a variable to count the number of attempts and a True/False variable and neither is working as I would like.

I've attached the quiz with my last attempt with triggers...this one was using the T/F variable, which ends up taking me to the Failure #2 layer after my first failed attempt...

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated - and my apologies if this has been asked and answered elsewhere!

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Jackie Bartus

Thanks for your quick response and example Emily!

I used your example as my template to rearrange my triggers, and I still couldn't get it to work...the only difference between your file and mine was the trigger that kicked the learner back to the beginning of the module.  When I changed that trigger from 'restart course' to 'jump to slide' - the layers finally worked!

I don't know if it was some weird fluke on my end, but it wasn't until I changed where the trigger led after the first failure attempt did the other triggers behave as expected.

Thank you again!  I really appreciate your help!