Multiple fill in the blank questions on one slide

Jul 28, 2013

I'm trying to figure out how to have multiple fill in the blanks questions on one question slide. I've attempted to add data entry text fields but can't seem to find a way to get it to work.

Can anyone help?


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William Rupert

Leslie, I getting the error message " You must complete the question before submitting."  I have gone over and over the video.  It may be that I am using Storyline 2.  I am also trying to get it to automatically tab to the next field after an 'Enter key entry.  I am new to Storyline with a lot of Authorware time.  I hope you can help.  I tried to attach my .story file.  I hope it works.

Thank You

Kiran Dhot

Hi Wendy, Thank you for your reply :)


Yes i am aware of the trigger options. However when I set one data entry field to have two or more answers; for example;  dog or hound or bark, this does not seem to allow the logic to work anymore. Hence I would like to know how to set multiple possible answers to one blank and still allow this logic to work.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kiran

hard to say without seeing your specific setup.  Here is a sample file with two pick one slides.

The first one:  you evaluate one text entry field that can have multiple answers

The second one: you evaluate multiple text entry fields that can have multiple answers using variables

Hope this helps you.

Allen Way

I have been using Jeanette's trick on several of my projects. Then I had need to do it but the order in which the answers are entered does not matter. I altered the trick to make it work for that by adding intermediate buttons--one for each blank--with triggers similar to the Correct button's, that are triggered by the responses in the blanks. The intermediate buttons then trigger the Correct or Incorrect buttons. I've attached a .story file to show how it works. The bonus is that it can handle variations on the proper answers by adding them to the logic of both intermediate buttons.

William Rupert


Thank you very much for your reply. Since the time that I wrote that question, I have been using Multiple fill in the blanks on one page, and saving the results to a score variable that I created, and then writing the results to my student database using JavaScript and HTML. Works like a charm.

I am having a puzzlement with some of my triggers when I utilize "If not equal to, disregard case". I hope to resolve that today.

Thanks again, as you are the only one that offered any real suggestions.

Best Regards,


(William CTR Rupert)

D10 CBI Distance Learning Programmer

Tim Esteva

Hi all,

Can anyone give me an update on this tutorial with storyline 3?

I applied the same method, but it does not work

i think there is something to be done in the "form view" tab but i can't figure out what  :x

thanks for saving my life !

ps: after clicking on the convert to freeform button in the upper tab, i chose "blank question"


Tim Esteva

Thanks Allen, it seems to work now.

Second question, in my case, it's apparently too hard to write from scratch the correct content.

How can i make it possible to chose the answer for each blank out of 3 choices ?

I have the idea of making 3 buttons appear when clicking in the blank and the adjusting the value of my variable when one of the 3 buttons is clicked. I'm pretty sure it can work, but is there a faster way with a built in scrolling list to chose from ?

Allen Way


I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're asking. However, if my guess is correct, you want to use a state change trigger that will reveal the three choices located near each blank when the user clicks that blank. When the user clicks a choice, a trigger puts that value into the blank's associated variable. That's what you're saying?

Here's a thread on how to build a drop-down list that may meet your need:

Hope that helps,



Tim Esteva

Hi Allen, 

That's what i meant exactly. Thanks !


To sum up for others :

1. create new sli, select free form question, click on the "pick one" button

2. create you slide with blanks and hidden buttons as explained in this video :

3. if you want to suggest possible answers,

      31. create on button for each possible answer, initial state hidden.

      32. create a trigger that chages their state to normal when clicking or hover the blank

      33. create a trigger to assign the value of the each button to a variable when selected

      34. create a trigger to set the text entry value to this variable so that it appears whan any button is selected

      35. create a trigger to hide all the buttons when one is selected

Cheers, happy summer everyone !

Julie Taylor (Superseded)

Hello everyone, 

I have I think followed the steps above and it all seems to be in order and working except that I get the 'invalid answer, you must complete the question before submitting' dialogue box presenting over the top of the correct and incorrect response layers! I am not sure what to do to fix this any thoughts??

What I am trying to achieve and the error I am getting is on the second slide in this saved copy of Nicole's tutorial file from above

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