Multiple fill in the blank questions on one slide

Jul 28, 2013

I'm trying to figure out how to have multiple fill in the blanks questions on one question slide. I've attempted to add data entry text fields but can't seem to find a way to get it to work.

Can anyone help?


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Tim Esteva

Hi Julie, 


From my short experience (3 weeks playing with storyline) i'd say the issue comme from the fact that the states you created "right" and "wrong" do not trigger the question evaluation

pick one means you need to have an item in the "selected" state

it actually works on your file by changing the conditions from states "right" and "wrong" to "selected"

what i would do is push those buttons so that they are hidden to the side as in the demo, and create diffeent ones that wgange to state write or wrong according to the trigger of your choice if you want to show extra info on the screen





fbs 419

My problem is similar -- I need to evaluate more than 1 field on a slide, but I don't need any of the Correct/Incorrect stuff.  All I need is to pass this data to tincan.  In order to get the result back for tincan, I need to choose a field to evaluate on the Form View.  And I can only choose 1. That's all I need -- to be able to have tincan get info for both height and weight on one slide. 

It would be cumbersome to have 2 different slides with "Enter weight" on one and "Enter Height" on the other.

Is there another solution?   -- Thanks

Nena Erickson Oakes

Hey Storyline team,

I'm now into two days on this interaction. If I don't figure it out today, I'll direct my learners to a paper activity outside of the software. I can't lose more time on this.

I want learners to guess the acronym. I cut this list down from 66 that I did in my in person training. It is impractical to have 18 screens of these. I'm open to doing feedback whatever way is easiest. I just need this to work :(


Please help.

Matney Jorgensen


I have found that it sometimes helps to have a true/false variable that checks the question before selecting the correct or incorrect button. I am attaching a picture of what I would do. Unfortunately, I don't have time to test it right now, but hopefully this might help. Let me know if you have any questions. From what I can see, what you have done should work but I have found that sometimes adding the variable makes it work more smoothly. 

Matney Jorgensen


I had a moment so I looked a little closer. I don't think that we need to set up a variable. When you converted the slide to a freeform question, which option did you choose?  You need to choose the "Pick One" option. Once you have done that, your form view should look like screenshot I attached. Once that is done, I think your triggers will work properly.

I didn't have time to enter in all your information you had because the triggers disappeared when I changed the question type, but I did check the first 4 boxes to make sure it would work. I am attaching the storyline.

Nena Erickson Oakes

Hey Matney, 


I am really thankful for your help. I can't seem to figure out how to do the unassigned to unassigned, I think the rest of it looks right. Yours will total up correctly, mine will not, even when I copied and pasted the answers from my trigger list.

Is there anyway at all to show which are correct and which aren't? I've had to 'test' this about 6 times to see where my issues were and it's totally annoying to find 1 spelling error somewhere in there. If not, no biggie, my learners and I can deal.

Thank you!

Matney Jorgensen


It looks like the correct button was not selected as the "correct answer" in the form view. I think this should solve your problem of it not counting your answers as correct.

I added a check mark that has an initial state as hidden next to the first input box. When the person clicks on the next box the check mark will appear if their answer was correct. You could use the same principle to put an x or something to indicate an incorrect answer if you wanted to. 

I am including the your Storyline file where I made the adjustments and also a screen shot of the trigger that I used to make the check mark appear. I hope this helps!


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