Multiple gap fill entry on one slide

Jul 03, 2019

Hi, I'm stuck!

I am building a course with a multiple gapfill question which I learnt how to create in e-learning heroes. It is actually a pick one quiz question in disguise. Everything was working fine until I tried to add a tick feedback if they got it correct which was also easy to create with layers. However, when I try to add cross feedback when they enter the incorrect response things go pear shaped.

I had two crosses showing correctly and also hiding when the correct response was given but when I added another 2 incorrect feedback layers the whole slide goes weird with its feedback responses popping up in different gaps. There are 4 gaps in this particular slide.

I am attaching two files. One with the correct feedback working fine and the other with the cross (incorrect) feedback messed up.

Please help!

You can see the correct response from the verse pop up layer.


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