Multiple hotspots with score attached to them?

Sep 09, 2015

Hello guy's,

Does anyone know if it's possible to have a video playing with multiple hotspots on it which have scores attached when clicked?

I'm looking to create a module where the user see's a customers P.O.V and they have to click on hazards.

I want to be able to total the amount of hotspots clicked and give the user a score at the end?

Basically using the same principle the DVLA use with the Hazard Perception test they use as part of a drivers theory test???

Does that make sense?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Walt Hamilton

Here is a video with hotspots that increase the score when clicked.

If the view is the same throughout the entire video, you can use a spot on the base like the one on the narrator's head, which can be clicked at any time.

If the view shifts in the video, you will need to put the clickable spots on layers which appear and disappear at the appropriate times, like the red book spot and the spots over the letters.

You may also want to  add an extra variable for each item so it can only be clicked once

Dawood rehman

Hi everyone.

Looking at the forum, I see many people with vast knowledge on Storyline. So, I am hoping someone out there can help me.

I am looking to set up a video based Hazard Perception Test, whereby, the student has a timeframe to click on a developing hazard and it is scored on how early they see the problem.

There will be multiple hazards in one clip of video.

Can anyone assist me, on how this is done. My knowledge base is 1 month on articulate 360. If there is a video that can be recommended, I would appreciate any help and advice.


Many thanks

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