Multiple Hover States with Variables - Won't Show Visited State

May 23, 2014

I am experiencing a very strange error and I hope someone can help me.

I have 5 navigation images on a slide. The hover states of these images indicate the point value you can earn.  There are different point values available depending on how you answered the question in the beginning of the module (what geography are you from?). 

Variable To Track Geography:

I created one variable for each answer  (4 total). Based on how you answer, one of these will be made true, the rest will be remain false.  

Change Hover State if Geography Variable Is True:

I wrote a trigger that would change the state of the navigation image to HoverStateA when mouse overs over it if the variable for GeographyA is true.  

In addition to this, I also want the object to change from "normal" to :"visited" once the slide has been visited. There are 3 different ways the user could navigate to the slide. Each slide is assigned a variable that begins as false. A slide trigger changes the variable from true to false as soon as the timeline starts for that slide. 

I have verified that the variables are in fact changing as each slide begins.  

When I publish the module, the image reverts to the "normal" state for any objects that have more than one hover state.  

Please help!!

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