Multiple issues with layers

Aug 30, 2016

Hi everyone, I am building a course in storyline and have a base layer, and two layers triggered by buttons. I have multiple issues.  1 - When I set the buttons to Visited the outline of the buttons show up on my layers. 2- How do I lock down the Next button so it does not trigger until after the base layer audio is complete, and both buttons are triggered and audio completes on the two layers?

Thank you for your help!


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jeri

1. On the layer you can choose to show/hide base layer items.  So you can hide the buttons. Click the expand icon for the base layer items on the layer and click the eye icon to hide the items you want.

Hiding Individual Base Layer Objects
The layer properties described above provide an option to Hide objects on base layer, but it hides everything on the base layer. If you want to hide only some of the base layer objects, use this method instead: Expand the Base Layer Objects in thetimeline, then click the eye icon for each object you want to hide. (Hidden base layer objects will reappear when the layer is closed.)

2. Add a trigger to the base layer: Change state of Next button to disabled when timelinestarts on base layer. Then add a trigger on the final layer to Change state of Next button to normal when media completes on layer 2.

If this doesn't work it might be easier if you can upload your .story file so folks can work with your setup.


Ah quick issue came up when I published... I have two buttons and one of my QA people skipped the first button and went straight to the second one, triggered the second layer and proceeded through the course.  I need folks to trigger the first layer (first button) and then the second layer (second button).  I set completion to variable true when audio finishes on each layer and then the second button to trigger when layer 1 was complete but the button no longer works.  I can attach my storyline file if need be. 


I tried that.. one tester clicked on the buttons impatiently when waiting for the audio to finish and then went straight to button 2.  I need the entire layer associated with button 1 to complete before the second button is "Normal".  Also the disabled button appears on my first layer even though I followed your instructions above and made sure it was hidden. 


Here you go!  Slide 3 has the original two buttons, two layers.  The goal for this slide as well as slide 6 is to have the learner listen to the audio on the base layer before they can click the two buttons and then click one of the two buttons, complete that audio, then have to click the other button and listen to that audio before the Next button becomes reactivated.   For slide 7 the knowledge check, I need the Next button disabled until they select one of the three answers (they don't have to get it right) but don't want them able to click on one button and just get the Next button enabled without listening to the entire feedback. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jeri

I've made some changes to slide 1.3 - take a look at the updated file and see if that's what you're after.

I removed the variable triggers and used states.  I also grouped your logo and button together and saved as a picture which I then inserted to be clicked on.  Sometimes when you have an image on top of a button you need to duplicate the triggers in case the user clicks outside the image and onto the button which didn't have the triggers.

An alternative to this is to do a button fill using a picture (in your case the logos)

Wendy Farmer

Here is 1.7 Knowledge check.

I added the trigger to change state of Next button to disabled when timeline starts.

I created a transparent shape that sits over the top of the three options.  Then a trigger to change state of option overlay to hidden when media completes on base layer.

They click an option - feedback plays. Then a trigger on that feedback layer to change state of Next button to normal when timeline ends on the feedback layer.

Hope that helps


So I followed your steps but the only two states I have for the grouped saved as picture buttons are normal and hidden.   We're testing Articulate on this course before recommending the client purchase it for all in-house content development (we have 11 courses coming up before end of this year).  Is this because we are in the demo version or did I do something incorrect when building my buttons?   I followed your instructions above exactly.

Douglas Bradley

Similar issue

I have multiple layers and they are triggered by buttons to go to a different layer. My issue is the audio for the previous layer does not stop playing the audio if I advance to the next one before it stopped. I tried to stop the audio of the previous layer but the only layer it allows is the base layer.  If I click on all 4 layers they are all playing at the same time.

Using Storyline 3 

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Douglas. Happy to help you solve this!

I'd love to troubleshoot your file and triggers–I'm also curious if selecting the property Pause timeline of base layer will help.

Would you be willing to share this slide with me? You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by using this upload link. I'll delete it after taking a look. Thanks!

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