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Hello heroes,

I'm working in a project, in this quizz I created questions with keywords using variables and triggers. The problem is that when i try to use the "OR" condition option it does not accept it. The reason I want to use that option is because I need to use more than one answer. Another option is to use a fill in blank question with keywords but when the person submmit the answer if he/she selects one of the key words the test takes it as  a correct answer when I need  it to request for all of the key words. I will upload my examples, hopefully someone can help.



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Hector Castro

Hello Matthew,

I was using your method and it is great. I tried to apply  different questions of pick-one choice to create a quiz. It was working fine until i got to the question number 9 it started to malfunctioning. I was going all over it trying to find out what was the problem then I just deleted one of the slides (questions) and everything was working alright, now i need to insert more than just 8 questions is a quiz of 100 questions. Not all of the questions need to be this way, some of them can use another choice, but i need to do more than just 8. Hopefully you know something it could help.