Multiple layer slide with several pick one questions

Mar 11, 2014


I'm new to Storyline and have learned a lot from the tutorials and Screeners. Anyway, I created a slide with several pick one questions that I want to tally up in a results slide. Currently, Storyline only recognizes the first pick one question, which happens to be in the base layer of the slide. How do I increment the scoring variables in each subsequent pick one question after that? Do I have to make separate slides to do this?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Refugio and welcome to Heroes!

By default within Storyline it's one question per slide and that's on the base slide - not on a layer. Is there a reason you need that many layers and questions on one slide? If you're creating something a bit more custom and want to use variables to track scoring you'll need to set up a slide that acts as a place holder for that score variable so that it can be reported to your LMS as described here.  

If you could offer a bit more explanation about what you'd like to set up, possibly we can offer some additional advice or suggestions on how to set it up. 

Refugio Jones

Thanks Ashley,

First, I'll admit that I'm a newbie and my idea seemed reasonable. I created all the layers because I'm working with a scenario based lesson and it made it easy to swap in and out captions or other information on top of the same base layer. I had no idea that I would have one question per slide. But after creating some custom variables, I found that I am able to show the custom variables in a Results Slide.

It seems that from the instructions that you shared, I could expect that my custom variables will pass to my LMS (if I pass them to my results slide).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Refugio,

No worries on being a newbie! We have a lot of those there, and the only silly question is one that you don't ask. I still wonder based on your description if you need to use layers (and it's totally your call) but you could easily duplicate the slide and swap out new captions on the duplicate. This would allow you to use some of the built in quiz options and then not have to set up the variable behavior. If you've already set it up and happy to have it that way - I say go for it. 

Yes, you'll need to hold all the custom variables in a quiz question though and then send that to the results slide, but totally doable. 

Refugio Jones

Hi Ashley,

I decided to break out the layers into different slides (not easy) and that work created some duplication that I was able to avoid in using layers. On the other hand, I see the advantages of separate slides/questions when it comes to quiz review.

Anyway, Storyline is a awesome product and it could be fantastic if it allowed multiple quizzes within a single slide for anyone wants to take advantage of the benefits of using layers.

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