Multiple layers

Dear Team, please support me,

may this question is basic, second layer not visible when i gave trigger, 

 Actually what i need is,

i have 8 menu items when, i click first one it wil go to the detail slide,then i submit the slide 1 menu state should change and next menu should be visible.each menu items i hve created a layer.

used true/false variable and state also. not working can someone guide me what mistake i am repeating


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Lauren Connelly

Hello raghulsekhar!

I'm happy to help! I understand that you have menu items, and when the learner selects a menu item, they move on to the next slide. However, the menu on the next slide should also change since the menu item has already been viewed. Is that correct?

If so, you'll still want to use the True/False variable to determine when objects' state on other slides switch.

I've attached a sample .story file to this reply. Let me know if this is what you're looking for.

Walt Hamilton

One works if you use layers on the same slide. The other way works if you use different slides for the content, but those slides have to set the variables.

Please don't use groups; you will have problems, and be sorry. Look at my example, and place text directly on the shape, and paste secondary shapes in the state.  Also note that SL traditionally uses "Submit" for quizzes, so to be consistent, your detail slides should use something else, like "Continue".