Multiple layers, at the same time

I am trying to create an exercise were credit cards are moving across the screen as a variable in increasing. The varable is counting up on number at the time.

In layer 2 card 1 jumps up 200 pixels. In layer 3 cars 2 jumps upp 200 pixels.

As a start I have card 1 and 2 at the bottom of the page. When the variable goes from 1 to 2 I would like to show both layer 2 and 3 t the same time.

In this way I can simulate that the cards are moving independingly of each other, only controlled by the countin varable.

I know I can do this by changing the states of the objects but it seems as too hard work as I want mor cards and six "jumps" per card.

Is it possible to show two layers at the same time?



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Andrew Lowe

Hi there, 

I would like to display multiple layers at the same time depending on the results of a personality quiz. 

So far I have a quiz where there are four questions scored from 1 to 4 points on multiple slides. In the results slide, I then have four layers to tell the user how they did in the quiz. 

However, I need it to be a bit more complex than this. I want multiple results for each personality trait. So essentially, I want multiple results on one slide, and multiple layer possibilities for each result. Is this possible? 

Many thanks


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy, 

You can only calculate one total score/result for your quiz using the built-in settings of Storyline, but you can display as many layers as you'd want based on how you set up your triggers. It could be helpful for you to take a look at this similar Personality quiz set up in Storyline - perhaps that's a good starting point for you! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew,

What do you have your slide layer properties set to? You'd want to make sure they are not set to "Hide Other Slide Layers". 

Each individual results slide will exist on its own, and to create them as layers you'd have to create a custom set up showing the results slide variables. This custom results would need to appear after the user has visited the actual results slides so that the score can be set. You can modify how those slides appear to mask any reference to the results or score, but users still need to visit them.

You may want to share a copy of your .story file, or at least what you've got set up so far. That way folks in the community can take a look and offer some additional ideas!