Multiple layers not showing

I have a slide having multiple layers. 

Base layer: Outline of the course (function correctly)

2-5 layers: showing four content objects respectively (function correctly)

6-9 layers: showing "click  here" (not function)

for the 6-9 layers, I want the "click here" box showing one by one with .75 seconds in between. I think I set up the triggers correctly, however, the 6-9 layers are not showing up in the preview. 

I have attached the file. I would be grateful if someone could help. Thanks!  

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Zhiru Sun

Hi Wendy, 

Thanks for the reply. It's great to see the Read More layers show up in the preview. But I want the Read More layers to show up before users click the four Content Objects. Since some users were not aware that the Content Objects are clickable, I decided to add Read More layers and want them to show up one by one with the first Read More layer showing up when the timeline starts. Hope this makes sense to you. 

Thanks again for your help. Looking forward to your reply.