Multiple Layers or Multiple Slides

I am new to the Storyline and I have a  basic question. I would like to create a slide with six buttons on it. When a user clicks on a button, a text, a picture, a video, or an interaction would display on the screen. Is it wiser to build this slide with multiple layers or create six slides (one for each button) and link each button to a separate slide? 

Is there a showcase or a screencast of something similar to what I am doing? 

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Bruce Graham

Hi Ash,

I am not sure there is a "best practice" here, although someone will now probably post one!

My first way of thinking is "are these buttons all pertaining to one "theme"?". If they are, I usually build layers, (or lightboxes if the visual style is correct). If the buttons take you off to different themes/"chapters" - then I would probably use slides, each in a different scene.

You also need to think of navigation - does your design keep the navigation congruent.

Layers, for me, make a simpler design, but really either way achieves the same result.

Hope that helps.